“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

— Colin Powell

an exciting journey

As we have shared in the preceding pages, 2023 was an exciting year here at Oxford. We have brought on board four remarkable new Managing Directors who have not only enriched our talent pool but have also contributed to our firm’s culture and overall quality.

One notable development is our newfound friendship with the Carlyle Group, a global leader in philanthropy, wellness, the arts and private equity. This partnership has enabled us to participate in prestigious conferences in Florence and Paris. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for us to meet new friends and share knowledge—a true highlight of the year.

Succession planning has been a significant focus for us. We’ve worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition in leadership, both at the executive level and across the organization. Individuals like our Co-Managing Partners, Bo Ramsey, JD, MBA, CFA, CAIA and Kristina Baron, MBA, are gradually taking on more significant roles, demonstrating the effectiveness of our succession planning efforts.

At Oxford, we place a strong emphasis on delivering a unique and unparalleled client service experience. Our goal is to make our clients feel like members of an exclusive club, much like the treatment you receive at a fine hotel or high-end retail store. We constantly aim to differentiate ourselves from traditional retail financial service providers through exceptional service.

Our investment advisory services have a distinct focus on private equity solutions, which we call Aspirational Solutions. We’ve developed a platform that carefully selects a handful of private equity options out of a vast pool to make a significant impact on our clients’ portfolios. Our investment team, under the capable leadership of our Chief Investment Officer, Bo Ramsey, is committed to this endeavor.

In the realm of Family Office Services, we’ve noticed that the vast majority of new clients have limited or no experience with family office planning, estate planning, generational planning or tax-efficient strategies. Our team, which includes numerous nonpracticing tax lawyers, offers comprehensive planning solutions to clients, with Chief Wealth Planning Officer, Terry LaBant, JD, leading the charge.

Looking ahead, we’re focused on further improving our succession planning, refining our brand positioning to stand out in the market and addressing the evolving investment landscape of mostly “asset gatherers” who may not be focused on the family office needs of their clients.

As we move forward, these developments continue to shape Oxford’s path, reinforcing our commitment to exceptional client service and our ability to adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape. It’s an exciting journey, and we are thrilled to have you join us! 

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